Janus Migrants Connect: Become a Janus

The Divas of Colour Janus Migrants Connect is the first ever immigrants-focused professional network created to enable immigrants to come to terms with the transitional challenges that immigrants face which are often not addressed.

Event Date:

April 26, 2024

Event Time:

8:00 pm

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The Divas of Colour Janus Network is to help newly arrived migrant women reclaim themselves and be in the driving seat of their lives, through quality learning, information sharing,  leadership training, signposting, and high-level networking. 

The Janus Migrants Connect network programmes focus on transformational development to help build; the foundational shifts from within, and resilience required to adjust and adapt as well as create powerful resources for information that will help you navigate all areas of your life in the UK. 

The network runs in cohorts, delivering a series of trainings focused on transformational leaders and personal development. A 3-day virtual programme includes peer-peering coaching and a one-day in-person networking conference exclusively for the cohorts.

This is a recurring programme and network. Select your desired Cohort

Available Cohorts Include:

  • London 2024 Cohort
  • Milton Keynes 2024 Cohort
  • Birmingham 2024 Cohort

This Programme Covers a wide range of professional and adaptational topics including:

Mental Health Awareness

Professional Development and Adaptation

  • UK Workplace Culture: Understanding norms, expectations, communication styles, and navigating professional hierarchies.
  • Industry-Specific Knowledge: Regulations, trends, and best practices within professional settings.
  • Networking Strategies: Building professional networks in the UK, attending industry events, and developing effective networking skills.
  • Job Search Essentials: CV/resume adaptations to UK standards, effective cover letter writing, and navigating the UK job market.
  • Interview Skills: Understanding UK interview practices, common questions, and techniques for presenting oneself effectively.
  • Transferring Skills: Identifying transferrable skills from previous work experience and articulating them for the UK job market.

Practical Skills and Knowledge

  • Understanding UK Employment Law: Rights and responsibilities of employees, contracts, and workplace regulations.
  • Navigating the UK Tax System: Understanding tax codes, income tax, national insurance, and relevant registrations.
  • Housing and Transportation: Guide to finding housing, understanding tenancy agreements, and navigating public transportation systems.
  • Utilising Government Services: Accessing NHS services, registering with a GP, and understanding other public services available.

Personal Development and Well-being:

  • Building a Support Network: Finding communities, groups, and resources for professional and social support.
  • Managing Stress and Culture Shock: Strategies to cope with the challenges of relocation and integration into a new culture.
  • Developing a Sense of Belonging: Resources and activities to help immigrants feel connected and build a fulfilling life in the UK.

Workplace Culture & Professionalism

  • Understanding UK Business Culture: Norms, expectations, communication styles, and workplace etiquette.
  • Professional Communication: Effective verbal (including addressing accents) and written communication in a UK workplace setting.
  • Networking & Relationship Building: Strategies for building professional networks and fostering strong workplace relationships within the UK.
  • Workplace Rights & Regulations: Key employment laws, rights, and responsibilities relevant to immigrant professionals.
  • Unconscious Bias and Inclusion: Raising awareness of unconscious bias, creating inclusive workplaces, and microaggressions.
Total Seats: 70

Event Schedule Details

  • April 26, 2024 8:00 pm
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