Maureen Mbondiah

Maureen Mbondiah

Maureen Mbondiah is a United Kingdom award winning entrepreneur, author and philanthropist.
She was born on the 10th of April 1984 in Kwekwe and grew up in Bulawayo.
In November 2014, She launched the Womanhood Global organisation to equip women in
disadvantaged communities to be self sufficient through facilitating fundraising events and then
she went on to launch the Womanhood Global magazine in 2016 which covers Community
business and Health issues affecting women globally.

She is the founder and operations Director of Dravens Healthcare an organisation that provides
healthcare staff for establishments in the West Midlands in the United Kingdom.

(Mo) Mbondiah started her own business in 2016 through a desire to have more control over when
she worked and what she earned. Mo wanted to be able to influence and have the autonomy to
change policies and improve her organisation for the better.

Through this journey Mo has become a multi award-winning entrepreneur building a successful
healthcare business from scratch that she now uses as a Franchise Model for others to build their
own businesses. Mo is also a property investor and has utilised her portfolio to provide supported
living in the community.

Mo has recently returned to study and is currently an MBA Student in Leadership and
Management at St Johns University, York. Mo studies whilst running several other businesses
and charitable concerns, has recently opened an orphanage in Zimbabwe and is a patron for the

Against All Odds charity which is in Chitungwiza and in 2017b she donated some sewing machines
to empower struggling women in Gokwe village in Zimbabwe.

Mo is passionate about inspiring women in business and offers business mentoring services to
aide women who may be facing obstacle on their business journey. Mo hosts a regular talk show
for Leading Women on her Facebook and YouTube channels where she finds other inspiring
women and shares their stories in order to help and inspire others.

Mo is now based in Zimbabwe is the director of Dravens Group of companies, a brand that houses
Vintage supermarket and Mall a supermarket that offers retail and online grocery shopping in
Chitungwiza and countrywide, Pahumba Guest house a guest lodge in Kariba and Dravens
Construction a construction company that offers construction services to people in Zimbabwe and
in the diaspora.

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